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Stair Tread Covers, Noses and Flat Plate

Anti Slip GRP Step Covers and Non Slip Noses increase the durability and safety of steps and staircases. These can be fitted to wood, concrete or steel. The hi-viz nosing ensures DDA any requirements

Stair Tread Covers

4mm thick Anti Slip Stair Tread Cover
Surfaces: GrittedColours: Black with Yellow or White Nosing
Length: 3.6mThickness: 4mm
Width: 345mmWeight: 6 kg
Nosing: 55mmGrit Type: Coarse

4mm thick Non Slip Flat Plate
Surfaces: GrittedColours: Black, Green, Grey or Yellow
Length: 2.44mThickness: 4mm
Width: 1.22mmWeight: 8 kg

Grit Type: Medium

These covers provide an anti slip surface for steps and staircases. The covers are cut to custom length and depth, and have a 55mm drop nose. A black tread with a yellow high visibility nose.

Anti Slip Step Nosing

55x55m nose in yellow or white, cut to size and pre-drilled if requested

Non Slip Flat Gritted Plate

4mm thick flat plate, available in large sheets in black or yellow.

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